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This page is a collection of quotes I liked from Jessica's interviews as they gave some insight into how she portrays and relates to Natalia. The issues of the magazines are available online via the official site or eBay.

CBS Soaps In Depth
Jan. 5. 2009.
Feature Interview

Uncharted Territory Jessica Leccia envisions a brighter road ahead for Natalia

Girl Power: Natalia is starting to be more concerned about herself as opposed to living her life for Rafe. She's realizing she can use her energy in a different wya and make a better life for herself."

About Springfield's Thelma and Louise: We yell at each other, scold each other, and then we wake up, I like our dynamic. [...] They get vrey gritty, and the honesty between them keeps the friendship going. [...] Natalia needs to hear that sometimes he's being an idiot - and vice-versa. You appreciate when people can level with you.

About Love: After losing Gus "You don't know where your heart is going to go after that , so you have to see what happens." "Whatever happens romantically is fine with me [...] but Natalia is developing loving relationships, and she never had that before."


CBS Soaps In Depth
Sept. 18. 2007.
Feature Interview

The Born Identity Jessica Leccia is a natural as Natalia
(Excerpts )

"Everyone should [get their heart ripped out] once. It's great! [...] The heartbreak stuff is so different for everybody, and I guess if I had never had my heart broken, I wouldn't know how to put that into Natalia."

About Natalia: [...] Sometimes I get into an argument with people about Natalia and how bizarre it is that she's still hung up on Gus, I'm like, 'Oh, yeah! Well, my mom never dated a single person until she later met my stepdad. [...] Not a single person, ever!' She was hurt because this person that she loved was not in her life to help raise her daughter. [...] And how can you afford a babysitter? That's the way she explained it to me always, and it was very hard for her. That's how I can justify the fact that you could be hung up on someone for so long. That's really how she felt and how I feel about Natalia."

About herself: "I'm very very quiet, and then I come out! I was always the little shy girl in the corner with the book that wouldn't talk to anybody. I was painfully shy, and I still wait it out and observe! [...] When I first started on GL, that's what I did. [...] Now I walk in and harass everyone!