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ausxip presents...


The following game was devised to increase your viewing pleasure of the June '07 episodes. Not that they aren't spiffy anyways (because duh, dimple-fest!) but with a few simple steps you can make them even more fun.

The rules: Get your choice of beverage. Imbibe the noted quantities as the listed events occur.

Please drink responsibly. Do not operate heavy machinery or hit the boards to post silly after completing the episodes.

[One Drink]
- Natalia looks worried and/or sad.
- Natalia carries a tray and/or cleans tables.
- Natalia does something that upsets Harley.
- Harley and/or Gus know better.

[Two Drinks]
- Natalia hugs Rafe.
- Natalia messes with her hair.
- Harley gives advice to Natalia.
- Gus looks at Natalia with a pained expression.

[Three Drinks]
- You feel like smacking Rafe for Natalia.
- Natalia hugs someone other than Rafe.
- Natalia smiles at someone.
- Natalia's car dies.

[Drink Up!]
- Dimples!